Types and Sizes of Bathroom Vanities

If you’re re-decorating your bathroom, you will want to consider purchasing a new bathroom vanity. Usually, bathroom vanities feature a vanity top, sink, and mirror, and are a popular choice. A vanity can also be freestanding or wall-mounted, depending on your preferences. While freestanding vanities are great for smaller bathrooms, they can feel a little cheap. Regardless of your style preferences, there’s a bathroom vanity to suit your tastes.

There are several types of bathroom vanaties available, and you can even customize your new vanity to fit your space and personal tastes. For example, a 48-inch vanity is an ideal choice for a standard-sized bathroom. This model features drawers and cabinets that will accommodate two sinks. Single-bowl vanaties feature a single sink, but they are also convenient for small bathrooms. A 48-inch vanity has plenty of counter space and a single bowl for easy makeup application.

Bathroom vanaties are typically a full-size sink with a cabinet beneath. These vanities range in height from 72″ to 114″. Larger sizes are more traditional and may be desired if you want heavy detail. The most common size for a vanity is between 60″ and 72″ high. For a smaller bathroom, an 18-inch vanity might work just fine. A 48-inch vanity may be too low for a large room.