I’ve never written a story in the 1st person POV before, “The Traveler” is a first in that regard. I intend to share “The Traveler” with you, in full as I write it. 

 I will share the story in the form of episodes, about 4 chapters each, twice a week. I am also working on a series that I’ve named “The Eternal Soulmates Series” and I should be sharing the first book in the series soon.

Your support is highly appreciated! Just click on the cover to get instant access to the first chapter. 

Unedited Blurb for “The Traveler”


Jace Rotherm is a young man with a rare ability; he can travel through time. A  weird encounter with a mysterious figure in his dreams caused his new ability. He can’t control when the “travels” will happen or what he “sees.” He wants to, but he can’t stop the “travels.” His visions are violent and at first, make little sense. But he learns and adapts until they begin to directly affect his life and thrust him into the path of the sexiest man he’s ever met. Too bad he’s irritating, annoying and a big bully.


Nathan Sparks is a former FBI agent trying to make a name for himself as a private investigator. His is a small operation, a one-man investigative firm. He “bumps” into Jace on a case and simply can’t shake the younger man’s presence. He is ruthless, pragmatic and straight as an arrow. So, why does he find Jace so attractive? And why does the young man have so much useful information about his case?


Fate brings them together. Neither one understands the gravity of the situation they’re in. Can they work together long enough to save their city?