Choosing Bathroom Vanities

When planning your bathroom design, it’s best to choose a vanity with the right height and storage. Bathrooms are much smaller than kitchens and vanities are meant to be more compact. Modern plumbing has retained the basic shape of the vanity, while moving it to a dedicated area. Vanities fall between 32 inches and 36 inches tall, a comfort height that was originally created to accommodate shared bathrooms. While this height is still acceptable in most homes, there are now custom-designed bathroom cabinets that can be any height or width you need.

Choosing the right size for your bathroom is important, but you shouldn’t overstretch yourself. You shouldn’t make the vanity too big, since this can cause problems. If you have a large bathroom, you can consider a double-sink vanity, but if your bathroom is smaller, you may want to consider a single-sink vanity. Corner vanities are also a good option.

Vanity styles vary greatly. You can go with a farmhouse or industrial style. You can also go with a sleek modern design. If you’d like a simpler, more functional design, you can go with a freestanding vanity. However, if your space is limited, a built-in vanity is more practical. These types of vanities usually have more countertop space and more storage space. There are also various types of sinks. You can choose an undermount sink, a drop-in sink, or a vessel sink. You can even choose a wall-mounted sink to make a small bathroom feel larger.