Choosing Bathroom Vanaties

A bathroom vanity is a piece of furniture that combines a sink, countertop, and mirror. Modern vanities often come with additional features, such as lighting and built-in shelves. It’s an essential part of a bathroom, and its history goes back centuries. Before indoor plumbing was invented, people would have vanity tables in their bed chambers so they could wash their hands and faces at night. Today, there are several styles of vanity available.

Although bathroom vanaties are often located in separate bathrooms, they are not always. Some interior designers are placing free-standing tubs in bedrooms, often without a dividing wall. This idea harkens back to the days before plumbing was available, but with a contemporary twist. The bathroom vanity is not limited to the bathroom. You can install it anywhere in the home. It is the perfect solution for small bathrooms.

Choosing a vanity for your bathroom is an essential part of your design. Make sure it matches the style and colors of the rest of your room. The top of a bathroom vanity should be at least 1″ bigger than the base. You can choose a wall-mounted vanity or a freestanding vanity. Freestanding vanities are best for smaller bathrooms and don’t require much space, but they can look cheap in large bathrooms.