Bathroom Vanaties…Vanities

Bathroom vanaties…vanities are the most common piece of bathroom furniture and most commonly consist of a sink, countertop, and mirror. These days, vanities are available in a variety of styles and can feature lights, built-in shelves, and architectural styling details. Vanity tables have a long history and are a central component of any bathroom installation. In the days before indoor plumbing, people kept a vanity table in their bed chambers to wash their hands and face at night.

To find a vanity that suits your bathroom’s size and style, first determine the shape of your room. A floating vanity is a popular choice, as it does not have legs, and is therefore more spacious. A corner vanity is a great option if your bathroom is small, but may leave little countertop space. A double-sink vanity solves this problem. Remember to measure the space in your bathroom, and choose a vanity with enough room to accommodate both sinks.

Vanity tables used to be placed in bedrooms, but today most vanities are located in a separate bathroom. Some interior designers are now placing freestanding tubs in bedrooms, often without the dividing walls. This harkens back to the days of the pre-plumbing era, but has a modern twist. A freestanding tub is a perfect choice for a small bathroom. Regardless of its design, it is important to choose a vanity that complements the rest of your bathroom.