Bathroom Vanaties and Vanity Tables

There are many different styles of bathroom vanaties. Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional look, you can find the perfect one to match your space and decor. A corner bathroom vanity can maximize space in a small space. You can also find wood bathroom vanaties that are beautiful and natural looking. While wood bathroom vanaties can be expensive, they are well worth it. You will have to be sure to purchase a wood vanater with a protective layer to prevent warping in a humid area. A less expensive option is to choose a medium density fiberboard vanity. Typically covered with a laminate to make it water resistant and easy to clean, these cabinets are a great choice for smaller bathrooms.

Vanity tables were originally housed in bedrooms but today most vanaties are found in separate bathrooms. Some interior designers are placing a freestanding bathtub in the bedroom, often with no dividing wall. These fixtures take a cue from the ‘pre-plumbing’ era, but add a modern twist. The simplest vanity is the 36-inch style, with drawers and cabinets, and comes with a classic pedestal sink.

Vanity tables are important parts of the bathroom, and can add a lot of character to a bathroom. In addition to providing storage space, vanities also serve as a place to wash hands. For instance, many bathrooms include a mirror above the vanity. A bathroom vanature can hide exposed plumbing, while a mirror provides more space for storage. Regardless of what style of vanity you select, you will find a vanity that works with your decor and your lifestyle.