The Unexpected Making of the Eternal Soulmates Series

A few weeks ago, I was trying to get in the best frame of mind to continue with the Eternal Soulmates Series when I realized I had a big problem. You see originally, this wasn’t supposed to be a series. I had written “Broken Triangle” which had really taken me too long to complete (more than 2 years) which means I had spent way too much time with Jamie, Ben, and Riley (the main characters in Broken Triangle). I knew them well. I knew Jamie best. But my favorite was and still is Ben.

You see Ben is this young man who lived in the latter part of the 15th Century. He expected to have a simple life as a sculptor’s apprentice. But the simple fact that he was attracted to the same sex would unravel his life in ways he couldn’t imagine. Without giving too much away, the Vampire King turned Ben into a Vampire to save him from a horrible death. So as you can guess, he had no choice in the matter and for the longest time, until he met Riley and Ben more than 200 years later, he detested being a Vampire.

This was the premise that would set up the love story between
three men that would transcend time. But as I thought about Ben and the way he
changed as he accepted who he was and found his Soulmates, I realized that his
story is so much deeper than that. He is so much more dynamic and a member of a
supernatural community that was larger than I originally thought.


The Vampire King who turned Ben was at least 1000 years old at the time. He had a family, a wife and was blessed with two sons. The act of turning a human into what they call “Made-Vampires” was prohibited by law. So, by showing the young man mercy as he burned on a stake for a crime he didn’t commit, the Vampire King had broken his own laws. The King’s family would welcome Ben into the family with open arms. His sons, Caster and Cy loved Ben like a little brother, but as the years progressed, they would have to deal with their father’s mistake.

As my mind churned with the direct and indirect consequences of Ben’s circumstances, I realized that the story I had started in Broken Triangle and continued in Against All Odds (the second book in the series) was woefully incomplete. I had to address how Ben’s existence as a Made-Vampire would affect the lives of everyone around him. In Riley, Ben found a life-long protector- someone who would keep him safe from the forces that sought to destroy them.

But I realized that while by the end of Against All Odds, both Ben and Riley finally get what they need; his brothers had to live with the consequences of the choice their father made. And therefore, All In (Eternal Soulmates Series Book 3) was born. This is the story of how Caster, next in line to the vampire throne deals with the problems arising from his father’s choice to make Ben while trying to justify the fact that he’s in love with a Werewolf. The Vampires consider Werewolves a second class race to be looked down upon and ruled with ruthless abandon. The werewolves consider Vampires ruthless overlords who have destroyed their way of life and murdered thousands of their kin.

The problem I had as I was writing All in, is that the Vampires despite all their internal problems, still seemed too powerful. I was looking for a weakness that would humanize Caster. The usual stake to the heart and a poison that could kill him didn’t seem to work. He was a Born-Vampire, almost impossible to kill and all-powerful. So, what could bring him down other than problems of his own (or his family’s own) making.

I realize now that by the end of the book, Caster needs to “need” his Werewolf lover’s help to gain new perspective, something that I can guarantee the Caster you’ll meet at the beginning of the novel would never guess or accept.

If you have read Broken Triangle (It is free), you’ve noticed that the story takes place in the mid-19th Century. The second installment, Against All Odds takes place in the present. All in, is however set in the 1930’s when Caster meets Mark, a Werewolf Prince directly affected by some of the choices he and his father have made over the centuries. There is a tense truce between the two species and it doesn’t help that both camps are dealing with dissent and rebellion in their own camps.

All In is almost done. I expect to release the book in March. But like I said, I want to get Caster and Mark’s journey right and for that, I need your help. I am looking for Beta readers who will help me with the structure of the story. In exchange for your honest feedback, I will provide you with the complete novel at least a month before release for free. And because it is a part of the whole series, if you haven’t read the first two books, I will also provide both books for free. The only thing I ask in exchange is your honest feedback about the story and an honest review of the story in major stores on release day.

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